How Klarion uses salt, water and electricity to obtain electro-chemical activation for cleaning and sanitizing.


The Klarion system uses exclusive electro-chemical activation (ECA) technology to produce powerful cleaning and sanitizing solutions that can replace toxic, traditional chemicals. The system is installed in your facility and produces solutions on demand using just salt, water and electricity.

What is ECA?

ECA processes go by many names: electrolyzed water, electro-activated water, electrolyzed oxidizing water and electro-chemically activated solutions. All these names describe a similar process. An electrochemical cell uses electricity, high-purity salt and soft tap water to produce two solutions – a cleaner and a sanitizer – or a single sanitizing solution. The cleaning solution is an alkaline solution that both cleans and degreases surfaces. The sanitizer is a strong oxidizer with powerful antimicrobial activity. ECA type systems can also be used to generate bleach (sodium hypochlorite).

On-site use of ECA technology has not achieved widespread market adoption because most equipment can't fully utilize the salt in their input streams. Most of the salt is converted during the electrolytic process but traces remain in the output solutions. The salt can lead to corrosion when the solutions are used for cleaning or sanitizing metal surfaces.

The Patented Klarion Technology:

  • An electrical current separates the positive- and negative-charged ions out of a sodium chloride salt solution
  • The ions are pulled through proprietary ion exchange membranes to produce two solutions: a sodium hydroxide cleaner and a hypochlorous acid sanitizer
  • Klarion ECA technology is unique in two ways:
    • It produces pure, salt-free solutions by separating the salt source from the liquid flow path in the electrolytic cell. Unlike similar ECA produced solutions, Klarion salt-free solutions can be used on metal surfaces without the risk of corrosion
    • Superior electrolytic cell design results in longer cell life and maintenance-free operation

There are no upfront costs or capital expenditure required to get started with the Klarion system. You pay monthly based on the volume of cleaner and sanitizer produced.


Klarion Electro-Chemical Activation Technology

  • System inputs: salt, water and electricity
  • System outputs: sodium hydroxide cleaner, hypochlorous acid sanitizer
  • Compact system is installed in your facility
  • Cleaner and sanitizer are produced on demand, in ready-to-use concentrations

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